Successful Games That Use Unreal Engine 4 & Reasons To Use UE4

There’s always this one issue among programmers and game developers. People want to code or create something great, and then, there’s ton of languages, frameworks, and game engines thrown at them.

The last thing you want to do is to switch over and over from one game engine to another, without accomplishing anything in any.

Therefore, let’s have a look at most popular and well-made games that use Unreal Engine 4. To reach the heights, imitate the successful, they say.

Researching your environment has a lot of benefits in the form of learning about:

  • Current trends among community.
  • Useful strategies and tricks.
  • Number and quality of job offers.
  • The most cost-effective method for the future.

And many more.

List Of Best Unreal Engine Games


Fortnite is 3D Battle Royale multiplayer game released by Epic Games in 2017. In BR productions, players usually join matchmaking system to then be grouped with other players, then they are all dropped from a plane across the whole map.

As game continues, players try to find as many good weapons as possible, while proceeding to the center of the map (otherwise you lose for no particular reason, other than that devs decided to shrink the map with time).

Fortnite from game developer point of view contains many addictive or manipulative mechanisms that are supposed to attract or addict the player.

Whether this works or not, depends solely on the audience. However, considering the fact that majority of Fortnite players are in range of 8 to 12 years old, this works more than great.

Epic Games understood their target audience well. Kids aren’t very picky when it comes to game, as they didn’t play enough titles yet. More like 1 or 2, or none at all.

Not only that, Epic Games targeted YouTube and Twitch Streamers to promote their game. And their audience in 90% consists of? Kids! Smart move by Epic.

That being said, I dislike the game, it’s too boring for me. However, it’s very successful title and proves that creators of Unreal Engine 4 know their stuff about creating games that actually have players.


ATLAS is 3D pirate MMORPG (now also with single player) that comes from creators of ARK: Survival Evolved which has many abstract and controversial features, (your character ages with time, can die from old age and then you will need to create new one).

ATLAS is one of these games that can reach 55000 players online in same time during product launch and then it drops to less than 2000 in less than a year.

ATLAS is also one of these games that turn off servers for at least 2 hours after product launch so that people who bought the game on Steam won’t be able to refund it (as there’s a 2 hour window).

Personally, I find the idea of pirate world way more interesting than fortnite’s Battle Royale game.

Players however, have a lot of complains towards the developers:

Should You Use Unreal Engine 4 In Your Next Project?

As you see, UE4 is perfectly capable of publishing „top tier” games and bestsellers (sometimes even in incompetent hands).

And if list of games using Unreal Engine didn’t satisfy you, know that I’ve spend long time on this engine and I can assure you it has more than you need.

I’ve also researched the competition, and there are not many serious competitors to Unreal, maybe except Unity.


In this post you’ve learned that:

  • Epic Games knows a lot about developing successful games, and that’s why you should consider using their engine.
  • UE4 using companies produce quality titles regularly. Even less competent groups manage to produce great games with it, and profit on it.
  • There’s only one serious competitor to Epic Games (game engine wise), and it’s Unity.

Now all you have to do is to download the editor, and start creating.

I know game development it’s hard, especially when you’re just starting.

There’s lot of complicated interfaces, programs and systems to learn. No one pays you for that. And your first games will be pretty bad.

But despite all that, you shouldn’t give up. After few months you will be very fluent and quick in your work.

And for sure you will produce something great!

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