What Is Sandbox Game? + List Of Best Sandbox Games Online

Humans are creatures of intensive curiosity and creativity. No wonder that Lego and Minecraft were big hits. We humans just love to create!

Especially when we are only limited by our minds, and when we don’t need to buy all the heavy ingredients from some construction company, then bring them over to our place, risking back damage, losing lot of time and energy.

What’s The Meaning Of Sandbox Genre

From definition, sandbox is just an open world where there’s more focus on freedom of player and hes not forced to follow game creator’s concept.

One example could be Grand Theft Auto – although there are missions, it’s up to you from who you take missions, and what you will do during your game. Where will you drive, who will you kill, and team up with.

However I don’t agree with this definition. Saying every open world game is a sandbox is just wrong, because these games only seem limitless – but in fact they are very limited, as player is only exposed to small map, few things to do, and few ways of interaction with world.

The most craved and probably ever-green kind of sandbox games is a building type, like Minecraft. Here, you not only have a freedom of movement in open world, but also you can modify the world however you want it.

Which is awesome thing, not like this surrealistic GTA, where you would blow grenades and bazooka’s missiles over and over on some building, and there would be no slightest difference in it’s condition and state.

List Of Best Sandbox Games Online For PC


Minecraft is one of most popular games (actually it was most famous title for quite a while, not sure if that’s still true).

And first mainstream video game of building sandbox genre.

Was it reason of it’s massive success? One of many for sure.

I remember when I was a kid, I was looking for a game like Lego, where you could build your world.

There were no such games back then, and not in the next 10+ years.

At some point Notch published Minecraft and it got literally attacked with players attention. It shows how much we humans love to create things.

That being said, IMO Minecraft after being bought by Microsoft, became quite boring. They added lot of things, but all of these new features weren’t a good fit. They just added ton of passive things to already passive game.

And how to not get bored with it?

Just because it is sandbox game, it doesn’t mean that game no longer needs any action and danger in it.


Terraria is main precursor of building sandbox games along with Minecraft.

The difference, though, is as you can see in graphics.

While Minecraft offers you 3D world, in 2D platform-view Terraria you can only go left and right (and dig down).

This game is already past it’s finest years, like Minecraft.

However due to the insane amount of work that was put into both titles, these games can provide you with hundreds of entertaining gameplay.

Depending on the player, the less experience he has with such games, the longer he can get addicted for! It is not rare to see kids with over 1500 hours in Minecraft or Terraria.

Don’t Starve Together

DST is somehow new approach to sandbox games, as it’s not passive like Minecraft and Terraria.

In DST you will face actual danger behind the corner and everyday night and other things will try to kill you. IMO that’s best part about this game.

No longer you will spend hours in depressive and dull as snow environment of Minecraft – this time you have to be quick and make base before winter, defend it from wolves, and hunt powerful bosses before deadly-hot summer for special, cooling ingredients.


Rust is 3D multiplayer survival sandbox game filled mainly with Russians although popular in every country.

This game has it’s own beauty. And maybe if it wasn’t overheating my laptop keyboard to 80 degrees then I would give it another try.

What’s the best in this game is that you can build bases – which is what we love. Honestly, is there a person who doesn’t like making shelters?

And even better, you can rob and destroy other people bases!

It is advised to play with friends, though.

Should You Code Your Own Sandbox Game?

It is already obvious, due to the amount of attention that every sandbox MMO title gets – that’s a genre of the future.

Not simple linear games, where you follow certain gameplay and get bored fairly quick especially if you played such games in past.

But sandboxes with building features – in such, you can create a battle car or ship, and fight other players with it. Isn’t it far more exciting than just buying a better vehicle with bigger damage statistics?


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