Multiple Games In One App – Copying „101 In 1 Games” Success

There are not many people who didn’t hear about 101 In 1 Games product that follows multiple games in one app pattern.

Are there any benefits of creating such games or applications, that instead of being or doing just one thing, do a lot of them? And how to do it?

101 In 1 Games Or „Buy One And Get Three”

This marketing pattern „pay for one, get two or more” was a thing long before internet. Used in any industry, even in grocery shops.

But how does it affect buyer’s (or player’s) brain?

The manipulative thing about it is that it suggests profit to our minds. You can buy just one thing, and get many more for free! Isn’t it awesome?

Even today, many people fell for that (including my dad who buys tons of useless things over and over thinking hes making hot cash on these „stupid stores” lol).

When having average, or majority of people in mind, then this concept works for sure. Average Joe isn’t marketing genius, and even if it’s not needed, then he most likely has to worry about his own life and doesn’t put much thought into such malicious tactics.

The Cons Of Multiple In One Approach

Player And Customer Point Of View

By giving 100 for 1, you trick people into thinking that they are actually making a good deal.

But truth is, how much value was developer of „101 In 1 Games” able to include on each of these 101 games?

Of how high quality are these games?

Can they satisfy anyone else apart from our 8 year old nephews?

Game Designer Point Of View

Most likely answer is no. By tricking the buyer or player with such advertising, you lose lot of value on each game.

101 boring games is much worse than one good alternative.

Maybe eventually you will score few sales from innocent people more, but in the long run your product will be perceived as scam or of low quality, and so will your brand.

Not only that, but it’s also stupid thing to do from technical point of view.

Because – your game will weight 100 times more! Isn’t it insane that people still consider this approach?

If your game has graphics from 1990 but it weights as if it had 100 games in it then you’re sure doing things wrong and no one will want to deal with this laggy and buggy monster.

The Success Of 101 In 1 Games

As I mentioned above, the reason why 101 In 1 Games is successful and popular, is that majority of it’s player base is very young, most likely got the game from parents.

In such case, parents were following quick thought pattern of „let’s grab some game with good perceived value for our kid and then continue shopping or do the dinner”.

Even if it’s someone else playing the game, or there was different story behind it’s acquisition, the mechanics here are the same.

People who installed 101 In 1 Games just wanted a quick fun, and I can assure you very small percent of player base would consider another game from this company. Their needs were either temporarily fulfilled or not, but in both cases the quality of product was low, and that’s how they will remember the company.

That unfortunately can be said about majority of Android games and apps.

How To Make Your Own Multiple Games In One Application

Although this article was about Android application, you can use this pattern to develop game for any popular devices and platforms.

And if you still want to do it, despite knowing all the cons, then here’s how.

Identify Your Audience And Target Platform

It’s is important to know as much as possible about your audience.

Are they young? Do they have huge experience with games? Do they mostly play from phone, PC or console?

Proceed to next step if you already know who will be your average player, and what platforms are you targeting.

Choose Proper Language And Framework

If you are targeting phones then you should consider using C#, Javascript, Java or Unity game engine.

If you target browsers, then consider learning Javascript. There’s no better language than JS for making browser games! And choose Babylon framework – fastest and easiest 3D graphics library.

If you target consoles or computers, then choose Unity or Unreal Engine. Both are free game engines of insanely high quality, which are now used to create majority of games for these platforms. By both indie developers and complete companies.

In fact, in both engines you could create unlimited scenes, and each scene could be one game.


You already know the sneaky secret behind 101 In 1 Games success.

Using this pattern in your own games can have eventual short-term marketing gains but in the long run will be detrimental to your brand.

Always focus on quality. Do one thing correctly, before you start another.

There are 101 games in it, but each will be forgotten.

If you are game developer, then strive for being unforgettable.

So, are you still considering using multiple games in one app pattern :)?

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