What Does MOBA Stand For – Games Definition & Best MOBAs

For someone not so friendly with gaming, term MOBA makes zero sense even when mentioned with other clues in sentence.

That’s because there aren’t many MOBAs around which makes its already complex, related in-game terms appear even more foreign.

Definition Of MOBA In Games

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and it’s most cases, refers to very addictive and even manipulative desktop games for hardcore gamers.

MOBA is one of most competetive genres of multiplayer games. If it was here earlier, as it’s relatively new, probably would be most competetive (right now surpassed by FPS games like Counter Strike and RTS like Starcraft, however that’s debatable).

Why MOBAs Are This Manipulative?

This is good question. Why movies, ads, and games are manipulative?

Of course that’s so you buy their product or spend even more money on it on other, related products of given company.

Better structured question would be, „what makes MOBAs this manipulative”.

Okay, so first of all, MOBAs are very new. When I started playing my first MOBA, there were only 2 such games that were at least a little bit popular.

What this does to brain of a player, is that he can get sucked into the world of games once again. Not like in case of MMORPGs, where a played bored of World of Warcraft is frustrated as hell because every other MMORPG looks and is exactly the same! Or in case of GTA3 player bored of every new version of this giant.

That didn’t happen (and mostly still doesn’t happen) with MOBAs. As everything about this genre is relatively very new, and there weren’t many of such games made.

Why not? They are harder to code than classical MMORPGs (which are very hard and complex games, hard to create even for huge companies filled with game designers, by the way), but I believe it’s also because of competition.

However, there are many more reasons why MOBAs are more addictive than majority of games.

Best MOBA Games

League Of Legends

League of Legends was in beta when I started playing it.

It was something new, and although I didn’t like it at first, I for some reason kept playing, till the game eventually started making sense to me and I became a killing machine.

What makes this game addictive is the fact that you develop your character. When you get upgrades in game, your brain feels rewarded and you get better feeling than when you score in football game outside.

This happens whenever you level up, or compare yourself to all other 9 players all it seems that you are the highest level or have most money and best items.

Or when you kill someone, and especially when you kill two!

Then there’s an voice message along with big text as big as 100 pixels or more, that says „Mike Scored Double Kill!”. You literally have that impressed and excited voice screaming to all the players in game that someone scored a double kill.

Why did the game creators made the voice sound very impressed? Of course, to increase your self esteem, and make your brain connect this high feeling of achievement with this particular game.

Later this was copied by many other games.


DOTA 2 is mainly filled with DOTA 1 veteran players.

Although DOTA 1 was before League of Legends, seems except some veterans, most players prefer to play LoL instead of Dota.

Why is that? Honestly I don’t know, because I didn’t play DOTA, but from videos it seems more boring than LoL.


There are few MOBA games, but only two or four are popular. Except LoL and DOTA 2, the other most popular titles are Heroes of Newerth and Smite.

If you want to play such game, then from perspective of player, I would say yes! As long as it entertains you.

From a perspective of person, however, I would say no. They are too addictive and that’s how I and many others wasted many years.

If you want to code MOBA game, then that will be hard task, but nothing is impossible! Just know that your game has to be unique, because all current MOBAs are very similar to each other.

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