3 Best Free Tools To Remove Background Online From Photo + Tutorial

Designing cute and attention-grabbing image for your next indie game? Or maybe you need a tool to remove background from photo for some other purpose?

In both cases, you don’t need to be a graphic design guru – what you need is either offline or online tool that will to the complicated work for you.

For some quick work I’d recommend online tool.

(Although if you are generalist game designer then I suggest learning some offline tool such as GIMP or Photoshop as you will need to design game menu, website, logo, textures, and many other things.

PhotoScissors Online

PhotoScissors Online is website designed specifically for that reason – so you can remove background from your image without downloading anything nor registering.

How To Use It

Enter the link above, and when on homepage, click on this button and choose your picture.

Default settings should work with most images.

If not, then you can always adjust settings on the right:

First option is chilling on how sharp the border detecting tool is working. By default its on 5 but if you want some small details near borders to not be cut from it, then you should set it to bigger value.

Second option sets how much of background you want to add to the borders of your image. By default it’s on 0, and on most images this value is doing its job correctly – not removing any unnecessary pixels from image, and not leaving any not needed pixels from it. If your image has parts of background in it, and you want to get rid of it, then set this number to some negative value.

Third option by default is on 2, and the higher its value, the less transparent elements your image has. If it has anything at least partially transparent, then with high number it will disappear and image will appear more sharp, with low number however all transparent elements will remain.

After you are done click download button in the right top corner:

Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic is quick tool that was also made just for this only purpose – to remove background from image.

How To Use

Enter the link and while on homepage, click the big blue button:

The difference between Clipping Magic and PhotoScissors Online is that the latter is easier to use and does whole job for you automatically.

In Clipping Magic you need to put some work in and cut your image with scalpel:

If first tool isn’t rendering or cutting your image correctly then I would recommend Clipping Magic. Otherwise no, because as you see it may leave some background despite using scalpel and doing lot of work.

To cut your image, use the scalpel tool on the left:

Then click somewhere between background and the thing you are cutting, and to make next point just drag it:


LunaPic is complex online graphics editing tool with tons of options and designed in old-fashioned style.

How To Use

To use this tool just enter the link, click browse button, choose file then click upload:

After that you should be redirected to editing panel. Click on the color that you want to make transparent.

Afterwards control bar will pop up, and you can adjust the transparency threshold for given color.

Which Online Tool Is Best?

All online tools aim to make you register account, click ads or submit email.

To manipulate you into doing so, they will offer supposedly „free” online tools, guides, and other benefits.

First two tools require you to sign up while the last two tools are more complicated, and the last tool is kind of limiting (though it doesn’t require registration).

Therefore if you want quick and easy effects, choose first tool. Otherwise #2 or #3.

What About Offline Tools?

Been fan of a GIMP since young. This free tool let’s you do what you want and it’s not limiting in anyway and no you don’t need to register to use it.

Learning curve is quite big so consider using offline tools only if you have time and reason to learn them.

Other mainstream graphic editing widely used program is Photoshop, but it’s expensive.

Should Indie Game Creator Know Graphic Design?

You know I’ve recently downloaded great MMORPG that I didn’t have time to play, but it contained many images and they really made you crave the game more:

It is from loading screen. Doesn’t it just look perfect? It instantly boosts the perceived game value in your head.

Can you make such beautiful art without mastering offline tools? Probably not.

If you ever decide to make a game then you will have to either master graphic design as well or order needed images from someone.

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