What Does Ganked Mean: Gank Meaning In LOL And Other Games

Not every League of Legends or MOBA player knows its terminology, but knowing what gank means is a necessity if you want to climb higher up in ranks.

(Or at least not frustrate your team members.)

Especially if you play a jungler, and your team begs you for a gank.

Definition Of Ganking

Ganking – term coming from unknown origins, means that very moment when you walk empty road, and then you, out of nowhere, get instantly surrounded by big group of half naked tribe’s men.

(In digital world, that is.)

In other words, ganking means the moment you get attacked by at least two of your enemies when you expect only one or zero of them.

Most ganks happen when you’re farming minions in League of Legends and keep a safe distance from enemy, but then he provokes you and you swallow the bait, following and damaging him.

In such case, if your enemy made it look like you’re the winning one, then you for sure will follow him further down his lane and closer to his turret. That’s a successful bait.

And that’s the very moment enemy jungler (or mid laner) comes out from nowhere (often from bush), stuns you, and kills you together with your lane opponent.

For gank to work, you should outpower your enemy, or bait him far away from his turret, to make sure you can kill him before he runs away.

Psychology Behind Ganking

As mentioned above, for gank in order to work, you have to manipulate your enemy into thinking that following you this one time is his only chance to win.

How to do it then? If you work a character with ranged attack, then you can just harass him over and over with mini attacks or ranged skills.

But don’t damage him too much. If he doesn’t have enough HP, then he won’t follow you.

How To Not Get Ganked

Well, first of all, pick character that has escape skill, like Zed.

Then make sure you have boots, flash, and buy wards regularly.

Since wards are expensive investment, at first you can just farm minions under your tower.

This way you’re not exposed to enemy ganker attacks, but keep all the money from creeps.

How To Use It To Your Advantage In Ranked Games

Not all champions have equal power, therefore you should pick strong carry-type character.

In LoL’s ranked games (but probably ranked games in any kind of MOBA out there) have outcome depending on luck, skill, and characters.

Play duo with friend, and tell him to pick proper, strong character as well.

Pantheon is good choice, as he can stun, so it’s perfect fit for ganking.

To win majority of ranked games, assuming you’re not absolutely terrible players, all you need is two strong characters, including one with a stun, basic game knowledge and a plan.

Tell your friend to constantly gank your lane so you get advantage.

Personally I lost many games to inexperienced enemies because I was playing 1 versus 2 entire game. Gank after gank – and you can only hug turret.

Therefore I advise this strategy to all MOBA players to maximize win chance.

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