What Is A CRPG And How Best CRPGs Destroyed Famous Games

Maybe you are indie game developer considering genre for your new game, that will absolutely destroy competition.

Or perhaps you are bored Steam user looking for another game to play, because all the previous titles were at the very least dissatisfying.

And then you searched, and clicked, and then you saw it. Suspicious Steam genre CRPG, which remains secret even for most hardcore gamers and designers.

We know how frustrating it can be when Steam doesn’t even explain what particular genre means, and no one on the internet does, either.

So What Is An CRPG Genre?

Term CRPG comes from ancient times when computer games weren’t a thing, and nerds weren’t gamers nor gamedevs, but some guys with chemics degrees and aprons:

CRPG means Computer Role Playing Game, but let me guess – you are confused what was all the fuss about.

Because, CRPG, from it’s name at least, means nothing more than classical RPG.

Then why does such term exist and is actually popular and still used in 2019?

Long ago, people had no idea what RPG is, if it’s some normal game which your kid can play outside with other kids, or something else.

Only with popularization of computers, therefore computer games and genres, it became clear to everyone that term CRPG is no longer needed, and that RPG is self-explanatory.

But does it differ from classical RPGs?

What’s The Difference Between CRPG and RPG Games

Despite term CRPG being no longer needed, some people (and game designers) still actively use the term and even market and categorize their products with such label.

The reason why that happens is because CRPG refers to top-down, 2D, isometric, and platform games, because 3D wasn’t yet developed enough back then. So term CRPG is used to differentiate games like Diablo 1 from games like The Witcher III: Wild Hunt:

How Simple-Looking CRPGs Destroyed Famous Games

One great example of CRPG game with plain graphics that absolutely crushed it’s competition (with modern, 3D graphics, mind you) is Stardew Valley:

This CRPG game has a stable minimum of 13000 players online in same time:

And still growing!

For comparison, 3D RPG game reaches only 2000:

Simple 2D platform-view CRPG game without any marketing efforts, coded by single, unemployed man absolutely obliterates it’s 3D RPG rivals.

Even such rivals as Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4, which were made with sky-high budget, tons of experienced game developers and managers, expensive advertising, branded name and even existing fame among gamers.

Maybe CRPG is the way to go, for both players and game designers?

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