Top Gore Fighting Games With Blood & Should You Make Your Own?

Blood is somewhat controversial topic in games. Have it, and your game will need higher PG (Parental Guide age requirement) number on Steam.

Popular game, Fortnite, is all about murdering other players, but it has no blood, therefore it can be played by the very audience it targeted – 8 year old kids.

Yes, Epic Games targeted 8 year olds as main audience for their game about killing and shooting others. But it has no blood so it’s alright.

Is Blood In Games Necessary

To me, many games wouldn’t exist, or at least I wouldn’t pay them any attention, if they didn’t have blood in it.

If games are about expressing power and conquering enemies – then how such a game can have zero blood in it?

IMO games with killing, should emphasize and exaggerate each fight and death moment, as this is their main feature.

So, bloody screen shake upon killing or taking damage, a lot of blood, dismemberment of body parts, some hardcore music – would all be great fits to competitive games.

Such games are kind of sending signals to the primal animal inside you whenever you kill your enemy or strive to be best player on server, so why not as well make them brutal?

As if brutal games were making players super violent in real life… Millions played GTA, and they didn’t start killing people outside. Not even 0.1% of them.

Top Games With Fighting, Blood & Gore

God Of War

Ugly, gross, and hot. There are many games that just put ton of blood in it, and it’s supposed to be main feature of the game, so when you kill your enemy, ton of blood sprays you and your surroundings, but apart from that there’s not much to do.

God of War is different. Here, regardless all the sick bloody gore moments and slicing enemy or pulling his head out – it still remained somewhat interesting, focused, and complete.

So what you do in game? Wandering around map, conquering new locations, and revisiting old ones. Everything to unlock new items, equipment and abilities.

Bioshock Infinite

If you like violent games where racism is main feature and since start you have OP weapon that just kills anyone and anything then Bioshock Infinite is for you.

As for racism, one of such moments is when interracial couple is tied to the pole and you’re asked to throw baseball at them by dear policeman.

Of course, with such powerful weapon that spins insides of their heads and basically kills for one hit you don’t need to choose in-game actions carefully.

Whether you decide to attack the bad policeman or join the racism club it’s all fine and dandy.

Mortal Kombat

That very moment when you blast your enemy with your fire spell. In most games, there would be some fancy shining fire effect and his health-bar would decrease and turn to red.

In Mortal Kombat you instead see burnt out hole in their bodies and their heart falls down and starts dangling just because why not.

Mortal Kombat is brand of long history and memories. Even though I’m not fan of this game and it’s genre, I really enjoyed PlayStation 2 moments with friends.

If I enjoyed, then why I dislike it? Too linear.

Resident Evil

No clingy girls please, I need my space.

Resident Evil just like Mortal Kombat and other games with 10+ versions, doesn’t change much with each release.

Although many games go for third person view, Resident Evil uses first person view instead, which is a smart thing to do, because how otherwise can we feel scarred if everything is so far away like in third person?

What Resident Evil is about? It’s all about zombies. Killing them over and over and trying to reach the end of the game.

Should You Code Your Own Bloody, Brutal Game?

That depends if you have a lot of damn interesting features and ideas in mind.

If you just want to make brutal or horror game then that sounds pretty boring.

How can sad or creepy looking game with ton of blood and nothing more interest anyone? These are not key features of game. These are supporting features.

If you plan using brutality as an addition to already very good game, then that’s good idea.


Is Resident Evil or any of these games actually scary? I’d say the only scary games are not necessarily horrors but games where you’re scared of dying.

In most games if you die you just couldn’t care less and without bigger regrets you start over. You don’t feel any tension because game lacks risks like permanent character deletion or losing super rare item that took u weeks to obtain.

Tension from losing a lot of valuable items and in-game currency is what’s scary. Not a game that’s supposed to be horror but it just gives a feel of a game with dark colors, evil game models and textures and some blood.

The reason why absolute 99% of horror games are not scary regardless of what visuals you put there, and how brutal ways of murdering and torturing it will have is that players are not scared of dying.

Why and when players don’t care about dying in supposedly good game?

Most likely because you threw horror visuals and deaths at them before actually making them start loving the game and feeling emotionally and timely invested in it.

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