Blender As Game Engine: How To Make Blender Game & Why It’s A Sin

There’s a reason why people don’t use Blender as game engine.

There are also reasons why people prefer cycling on 2-wheeled bike instead of single-wheeled odd thing.

And both cases are quite similar.

Can You Actually Use Blender As Game Engine?

Blender is an 3D modelling tool mainly used to create visuals and animations for games and movies, however, for some reason it has a game engine built in it.

Just like some websites devoted to phones for some reason occasionally write about computer-exclusive games.

The answer is yes, you can create games in Blender.

But should you?

Top Reasons To Not Use Blender As Game Engine

Why You Shouldn’t Commit Counter-Productive Sins

First of all there’s not many people who use Blender in this way and the support you would eventually get in other engine is nonexistent here. If you encounter an issue, no amount of crying for help will actually help.

Secondly, it lacks many features. It’s as basic as it can. You will constantly face limited functionality and when it will happen you will have to code additional features yourself. (That is, if Blender lets you.)

Thirdly, and maybe even most importantly, there was not a single successful game made in Blender. So you may want to rethink it.

And, there’s one more reason to not do that. Blender engine is experimental and many features will fundamentally change, which means you won’t be able to use newer versions of this engine with your game made few versions ago.

Best Game Engine Alternatives

It is not hard to find better alternative from Blender. Most game engines will do.

However, let’s take a step further, and actually choose one of best game engines.

There are 2 sensible choices loved by both players (indirectly) and developers.

Unity is an 2D, 3D game engine focused on no-budget indie game developers but also capable of developing successful, full-fledged AAA products on budget.

Unity let’s you code in C# and provides you easy workflow and huge but simple to remember API.

The other choice is Unreal Engine, which is 3D focused game engine that let’s you create games without coding at all (via visual scripting – blueprints) or with coding in C++.

I prefer Unity, but both engines are of insane quality (and both are free).

How To Make An Actual Game In Blender

Follow Blender Documentation

Blender documentation is very well-written and relatively easy to understand.

If you want to be programmer or game designer then you should learn how to read and follow documentation documents.

Watch Blender Video Tutorials

There are few, channels with Blender game engine tips and tutorials, but they are of questionable quality and date.

There’s channel that worked fine for me though and it’s SuperGloop:

His channel has a lot of movies regarding creating games in Blender and each video resembles one part. Go through them and you will be all fly in no time.

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