Best Indie Games On Steam – Most Popular Free Titles Of All Time

We more than share your frustration regarding full-fledged AAA 3D cash-grab games coming from companies such as EA and many more.

Not only their greediness matters, but also that most games made on budget look very similar to other games in it’s genre. Played World of Warcraft? Then you already played 95% of MMORPGs.

It was only a matter of time till players got fed up with current market situation and started checking out indie games.

What’s The Difference Between Full-Fledged Productions And Indie Games?

The main difference between these is that indie games have more unique ideas, and often they are much more interesting than games made on budget!

However, they often also have much simpler graphics and sometimes not of good quality.

Another issue with indie games is that they have often very small scope, map, gameplay, and limited functionality. That may not be an issue depending on the game, because smaller but more interesting world, may be better than huge but boring alternative.

List Of Best Free Indie Games On Steam Of All Time


RimWorld is game of very unique concept – a Sci-FI colony simulator with events triggered by random and intelligent AI.

You have bunch of „slaves” and you control them to further develop your colony and base.

Game sold over 1 million times and of all Steam reviews, 95% are positive.

Seems game graphics isn’t that important when it comes to entertainment!

Stardew Valley

Ah! Stardew Valley is peaceful farming simulator with 2D platform-view graphics.

Especially interesting (but not only) for people passionate about farm, or for people who find the idea of farming lifestyle interesting, but don’t want to face struggles of it in real life. That’s where Stardew Valley comes in.

Not interested in farming? Well, farming it’s just the frontend. Behind this concept, Stardew Valley is an economical business world. Live off land, raise animals and collect food, then sell it for maximum profit possible.

To make it even weirder, this farming simulator has RPG traits of typical level-up combat based games, such as hunting monsters (sometimes dangerous), exploring caves and finding treasures.


Factorio is a game for nerds. All my IT friends heard about it, and some got seriously addicted and should seek some kind of rehab.

That being said, it doesn’t mean its unpopular. This construction and management simulation has an overwhelming number of 98% of all Steam reviews marked as positive.

So what you do in this game? As you could guess from it’s name – you build a factory.

And that’s all?

Well no, as you keep on developing your factory, monsters will like you less and less, and they will attack. It’s like tower defense game, but not limited at all.

And when I say not limited at all, I don’t mean there’s more things to do than in average game, I mean that this game is literally limitless.

If it interests you, then you can actually see that people over at YouTube made an actual 3D game in Factorio. For real!


All these games were made on little to no budget by one or few people.

If you are a player, then you already know which game should you try.

If you are game developer, then you can clearly see that all these games have very similar graphics style.

And they all have interesting, unique gameplays! Not just a copy of other game (like AAA companies tend to do).

If you are developing a game, and considered 2D graphics over 3D, then maybe you should inherit or borrow from their style? It looks simple, but good.

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