What Is HUD In Games, HUD Vs GUI & Best Game HUDs Designs

Along with progression of technology, the amount of unknown to normal human-being tech acronyms and terms has skyrocketed.

What’s HUD in games? What’s the difference between it and GUI? What do most beautiful game HUDs look like?

The Definition

From terminology, HUD means Heads-Up Display, and it’s used to display features and statistics overlaying the game view.…

What Is Sandbox Game? + List Of Best Sandbox Games Online

Humans are creatures of intensive curiosity and creativity. No wonder that Lego and Minecraft were big hits. We humans just love to create!

Especially when we are only limited by our minds, and when we don’t need to buy all the heavy ingredients from some construction company, then bring them over to our place, risking back damage, losing lot of time and energy.…

3 Best Free Tools To Remove Background Online From Photo + Tutorial

Designing cute and attention-grabbing image for your next indie game? Or maybe you need a tool to remove background from photo for some other purpose?

In both cases, you don’t need to be a graphic design guru – what you need is either offline or online tool that will to the complicated work for you.…

Top Gore Fighting Games With Blood & Should You Make Your Own?

Blood is somewhat controversial topic in games. Have it, and your game will need higher PG (Parental Guide age requirement) number on Steam.

Popular game, Fortnite, is all about murdering other players, but it has no blood, therefore it can be played by the very audience it targeted – 8 year old kids.…

What Does MOBA Stand For – Games Definition & Best MOBAs

For someone not so friendly with gaming, term MOBA makes zero sense even when mentioned with other clues in sentence.

That’s because there aren’t many MOBAs around which makes its already complex, related in-game terms appear even more foreign.

Definition Of MOBA In Games

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and it’s most cases, refers to very addictive and even manipulative desktop games for hardcore gamers.…