What Does Ganked Mean: Gank Meaning In LOL And Other Games

Not every League of Legends or MOBA player knows its terminology, but knowing what gank means is a necessity if you want to climb higher up in ranks.

(Or at least not frustrate your team members.)

Especially if you play a jungler, and your team begs you for a gank.

Definition Of Ganking

Ganking – term coming from unknown origins, means that very moment when you walk empty road, and then you, out of nowhere, get instantly surrounded by big group of half naked tribe’s men.

(In digital world, that is.)

In other words, ganking means the moment you get attacked by at least two of your enemies when you expect only one or zero of them.

Most ganks happen when you’re farming minions in League of Legends and keep a safe distance from enemy, but then he provokes you and you swallow the bait, following and damaging him.

In such case, if your enemy made it look like you’re the winning one, then you for sure will follow him further down his lane and closer to his turret. That’s a successful bait.

And that’s the very moment enemy jungler (or mid laner) comes out from nowhere (often from bush), stuns you, and kills you together with your lane opponent.

For gank to work, you should outpower your enemy, or bait him far away from his turret, to make sure you can kill him before he runs away.

Psychology Behind Ganking

As mentioned above, for gank in order to work, you have to manipulate your enemy into thinking that following you this one time is his only chance to win.

How to do it then? If you work a character with ranged attack, then you can just harass him over and over with mini attacks or ranged skills.

But don’t damage him too much. If he doesn’t have enough HP, then he won’t follow you.

How To Not Get Ganked

Well, first of all, pick character that has escape skill, like Zed.

Then make sure you have boots, flash, and buy wards regularly.

Since wards are expensive investment, at first you can just farm minions under your tower.

This way you’re not exposed to enemy ganker attacks, but keep all the money from creeps.

How To Use It To Your Advantage In Ranked Games

Not all champions have equal power, therefore you should pick strong carry-type character.

In LoL’s ranked games (but probably ranked games in any kind of MOBA out there) have outcome depending on luck, skill, and characters.

Play duo with friend, and tell him to pick proper, strong character as well.

Pantheon is good choice, as he can stun, so it’s perfect fit for ganking.

To win majority of ranked games, assuming you’re not absolutely terrible players, all you need is two strong characters, including one with a stun, basic game knowledge and a plan.

Tell your friend to constantly gank your lane so you get advantage.

Personally I lost many games to inexperienced enemies because I was playing 1 versus 2 entire game. Gank after gank – and you can only hug turret.

Therefore I advise this strategy to all MOBA players to maximize win chance.


What Is HUD In Games, HUD Vs GUI & Best Game HUDs Designs

Along with progression of technology, the amount of unknown to normal human-being tech acronyms and terms has skyrocketed.

What’s HUD in games? What’s the difference between it and GUI? What do most beautiful game HUDs look like?

The Definition

From terminology, HUD means Heads-Up Display, and it’s used to display features and statistics overlaying the game view.

More specifically HUD elements are the ones that you can see from position above it.

For example, monster names and health-bars – are HUD elements.

Difference Between HUD And GUI

I would say all HUDs are part of their GUI – but not all GUI are HUDs, nor have HUDs elements.

GUI means Graphical User Interface and it involves literally everything, including the things you look at from top (HUD) and from front (game panel/dashboard).

In this Starcraft screenshot you can see that the units health-bars and selection circles are HUD (which is part of GUI) because they are part of game-view, which they overlay.

Control panel with map and other things in it is part of GUI as well but not HUD – because you see this panel from front, and it’s part of different view. In this case it’s not part of game-view but of camera-view, it follows the camera and camera follows the mouse, while HUD elements follow the units.

Most Beautiful HUD & GUI Designs

Interactive & Modern

Doesn’t this just look awesome? This futuristic HUD from Dead Space looks like if the character was interacting with some sort of light-emission based inventory dashboard.

Is that how the real life future looks like?

Professional & Militarily

Now that GUI from NieR:Automata looks absolutely simplistic, but has this impressive, professional millitary feel.

It also looks like the total opposite of all Korean games – less loud colors and more bitter grayscale, serious design.

Minimalistic & Climatic

Doesn’t this minimalistic Witcher 2’s GUI look absolutely climatic?

It makes all the player attention go to character and environment, and in this case it looks perfect.

Especially with this level of detail on character.


Was this complex terminology unnecessary to know though? I don’t think so.

I hope you will derive some inspirations from these beautiful GUIs and create your own, perhaps a mix of your favorite elements.

That is, if you are game designer like me.


What Is Sandbox Game? + List Of Best Sandbox Games Online

Humans are creatures of intensive curiosity and creativity. No wonder that Lego and Minecraft were big hits. We humans just love to create!

Especially when we are only limited by our minds, and when we don’t need to buy all the heavy ingredients from some construction company, then bring them over to our place, risking back damage, losing lot of time and energy.

What’s The Meaning Of Sandbox Genre

From definition, sandbox is just an open world where there’s more focus on freedom of player and hes not forced to follow game creator’s concept.

One example could be Grand Theft Auto – although there are missions, it’s up to you from who you take missions, and what you will do during your game. Where will you drive, who will you kill, and team up with.

However I don’t agree with this definition. Saying every open world game is a sandbox is just wrong, because these games only seem limitless – but in fact they are very limited, as player is only exposed to small map, few things to do, and few ways of interaction with world.

The most craved and probably ever-green kind of sandbox games is a building type, like Minecraft. Here, you not only have a freedom of movement in open world, but also you can modify the world however you want it.

Which is awesome thing, not like this surrealistic GTA, where you would blow grenades and bazooka’s missiles over and over on some building, and there would be no slightest difference in it’s condition and state.

List Of Best Sandbox Games Online For PC


Minecraft is one of most popular games (actually it was most famous title for quite a while, not sure if that’s still true).

And first mainstream video game of building sandbox genre.

Was it reason of it’s massive success? One of many for sure.

I remember when I was a kid, I was looking for a game like Lego, where you could build your world.

There were no such games back then, and not in the next 10+ years.

At some point Notch published Minecraft and it got literally attacked with players attention. It shows how much we humans love to create things.

That being said, IMO Minecraft after being bought by Microsoft, became quite boring. They added lot of things, but all of these new features weren’t a good fit. They just added ton of passive things to already passive game.

And how to not get bored with it?

Just because it is sandbox game, it doesn’t mean that game no longer needs any action and danger in it.


Terraria is main precursor of building sandbox games along with Minecraft.

The difference, though, is as you can see in graphics.

While Minecraft offers you 3D world, in 2D platform-view Terraria you can only go left and right (and dig down).

This game is already past it’s finest years, like Minecraft.

However due to the insane amount of work that was put into both titles, these games can provide you with hundreds of entertaining gameplay.

Depending on the player, the less experience he has with such games, the longer he can get addicted for! It is not rare to see kids with over 1500 hours in Minecraft or Terraria.

Don’t Starve Together

DST is somehow new approach to sandbox games, as it’s not passive like Minecraft and Terraria.

In DST you will face actual danger behind the corner and everyday night and other things will try to kill you. IMO that’s best part about this game.

No longer you will spend hours in depressive and dull as snow environment of Minecraft – this time you have to be quick and make base before winter, defend it from wolves, and hunt powerful bosses before deadly-hot summer for special, cooling ingredients.


Rust is 3D multiplayer survival sandbox game filled mainly with Russians although popular in every country.

This game has it’s own beauty. And maybe if it wasn’t overheating my laptop keyboard to 80 degrees then I would give it another try.

What’s the best in this game is that you can build bases – which is what we love. Honestly, is there a person who doesn’t like making shelters?

And even better, you can rob and destroy other people bases!

It is advised to play with friends, though.

Should You Code Your Own Sandbox Game?

It is already obvious, due to the amount of attention that every sandbox MMO title gets – that’s a genre of the future.

Not simple linear games, where you follow certain gameplay and get bored fairly quick especially if you played such games in past.

But sandboxes with building features – in such, you can create a battle car or ship, and fight other players with it. Isn’t it far more exciting than just buying a better vehicle with bigger damage statistics?



Multiple Games In One App – Copying “101 In 1 Games” Success

There are not many people who didn’t hear about 101 In 1 Games product that follows multiple games in one app pattern.

Are there any benefits of creating such games or applications, that instead of being or doing just one thing, do a lot of them? And how to do it?

101 In 1 Games Or “Buy One And Get Three”

This marketing pattern “pay for one, get two or more” was a thing long before internet. Used in any industry, even in grocery shops.

But how does it affect buyer’s (or player’s) brain?

The manipulative thing about it is that it suggests profit to our minds. You can buy just one thing, and get many more for free! Isn’t it awesome?

Even today, many people fell for that (including my dad who buys tons of useless things over and over thinking hes making hot cash on these “stupid stores” lol).

When having average, or majority of people in mind, then this concept works for sure. Average Joe isn’t marketing genius, and even if it’s not needed, then he most likely has to worry about his own life and doesn’t put much thought into such malicious tactics.

The Cons Of Multiple In One Approach

Player And Customer Point Of View

By giving 100 for 1, you trick people into thinking that they are actually making a good deal.

But truth is, how much value was developer of “101 In 1 Games” able to include on each of these 101 games?

Of how high quality are these games?

Can they satisfy anyone else apart from our 8 year old nephews?

Game Designer Point Of View

Most likely answer is no. By tricking the buyer or player with such advertising, you lose lot of value on each game.

101 boring games is much worse than one good alternative.

Maybe eventually you will score few sales from innocent people more, but in the long run your product will be perceived as scam or of low quality, and so will your brand.

Not only that, but it’s also stupid thing to do from technical point of view.

Because – your game will weight 100 times more! Isn’t it insane that people still consider this approach?

If your game has graphics from 1990 but it weights as if it had 100 games in it then you’re sure doing things wrong and no one will want to deal with this laggy and buggy monster.

The Success Of 101 In 1 Games

As I mentioned above, the reason why 101 In 1 Games is successful and popular, is that majority of it’s player base is very young, most likely got the game from parents.

In such case, parents were following quick thought pattern of “let’s grab some game with good perceived value for our kid and then continue shopping or do the dinner”.

Even if it’s someone else playing the game, or there was different story behind it’s acquisition, the mechanics here are the same.

People who installed 101 In 1 Games just wanted a quick fun, and I can assure you very small percent of player base would consider another game from this company. Their needs were either temporarily fulfilled or not, but in both cases the quality of product was low, and that’s how they will remember the company.

That unfortunately can be said about majority of Android games and apps.

How To Make Your Own Multiple Games In One Application

Although this article was about Android application, you can use this pattern to develop game for any popular devices and platforms.

And if you still want to do it, despite knowing all the cons, then here’s how.

Identify Your Audience And Target Platform

It’s is important to know as much as possible about your audience.

Are they young? Do they have huge experience with games? Do they mostly play from phone, PC or console?

Proceed to next step if you already know who will be your average player, and what platforms are you targeting.

Choose Proper Language And Framework

If you are targeting phones then you should consider using C#, Javascript, Java or Unity game engine.

If you target browsers, then consider learning Javascript. There’s no better language than JS for making browser games! And choose Babylon framework – fastest and easiest 3D graphics library.

If you target consoles or computers, then choose Unity or Unreal Engine. Both are free game engines of insanely high quality, which are now used to create majority of games for these platforms. By both indie developers and complete companies.

In fact, in both engines you could create unlimited scenes, and each scene could be one game.


You already know the sneaky secret behind 101 In 1 Games success.

Using this pattern in your own games can have eventual short-term marketing gains but in the long run will be detrimental to your brand.

Always focus on quality. Do one thing correctly, before you start another.

There are 101 games in it, but each will be forgotten.

If you are game developer, then strive for being unforgettable.

So, are you still considering using multiple games in one app pattern :)?


3 Best Free Tools To Remove Background Online From Photo + Tutorial

Designing cute and attention-grabbing image for your next indie game? Or maybe you need a tool to remove background from photo for some other purpose?

In both cases, you don’t need to be a graphic design guru – what you need is either offline or online tool that will to the complicated work for you.

For some quick work I’d recommend online tool.

(Although if you are generalist game designer then I suggest learning some offline tool such as GIMP or Photoshop as you will need to design game menu, website, logo, textures, and many other things.

PhotoScissors Online

PhotoScissors Online is website designed specifically for that reason – so you can remove background from your image without downloading anything nor registering.

How To Use It

Enter the link above, and when on homepage, click on this button and choose your picture.

Default settings should work with most images.

If not, then you can always adjust settings on the right:

First option is chilling on how sharp the border detecting tool is working. By default its on 5 but if you want some small details near borders to not be cut from it, then you should set it to bigger value.

Second option sets how much of background you want to add to the borders of your image. By default it’s on 0, and on most images this value is doing its job correctly – not removing any unnecessary pixels from image, and not leaving any not needed pixels from it. If your image has parts of background in it, and you want to get rid of it, then set this number to some negative value.

Third option by default is on 2, and the higher its value, the less transparent elements your image has. If it has anything at least partially transparent, then with high number it will disappear and image will appear more sharp, with low number however all transparent elements will remain.

After you are done click download button in the right top corner:

Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic is quick tool that was also made just for this only purpose – to remove background from image.

How To Use

Enter the link and while on homepage, click the big blue button:

The difference between Clipping Magic and PhotoScissors Online is that the latter is easier to use and does whole job for you automatically.

In Clipping Magic you need to put some work in and cut your image with scalpel:

If first tool isn’t rendering or cutting your image correctly then I would recommend Clipping Magic. Otherwise no, because as you see it may leave some background despite using scalpel and doing lot of work.

To cut your image, use the scalpel tool on the left:

Then click somewhere between background and the thing you are cutting, and to make next point just drag it:


LunaPic is complex online graphics editing tool with tons of options and designed in old-fashioned style.

How To Use

To use this tool just enter the link, click browse button, choose file then click upload:

After that you should be redirected to editing panel. Click on the color that you want to make transparent.

Afterwards control bar will pop up, and you can adjust the transparency threshold for given color.

Which Online Tool Is Best?

All online tools aim to make you register account, click ads or submit email.

To manipulate you into doing so, they will offer supposedly “free” online tools, guides, and other benefits.

First two tools require you to sign up while the last two tools are more complicated, and the last tool is kind of limiting (though it doesn’t require registration).

Therefore if you want quick and easy effects, choose first tool. Otherwise #2 or #3.

What About Offline Tools?

Been fan of a GIMP since young. This free tool let’s you do what you want and it’s not limiting in anyway and no you don’t need to register to use it.

Learning curve is quite big so consider using offline tools only if you have time and reason to learn them.

Other mainstream graphic editing widely used program is Photoshop, but it’s expensive.

Should Indie Game Creator Know Graphic Design?

You know I’ve recently downloaded great MMORPG that I didn’t have time to play, but it contained many images and they really made you crave the game more:

It is from loading screen. Doesn’t it just look perfect? It instantly boosts the perceived game value in your head.

Can you make such beautiful art without mastering offline tools? Probably not.

If you ever decide to make a game then you will have to either master graphic design as well or order needed images from someone.


Top Gore Fighting Games With Blood & Should You Make Your Own?

Blood is somewhat controversial topic in games. Have it, and your game will need higher PG (Parental Guide age requirement) number on Steam.

Popular game, Fortnite, is all about murdering other players, but it has no blood, therefore it can be played by the very audience it targeted – 8 year old kids.

Yes, Epic Games targeted 8 year olds as main audience for their game about killing and shooting others. But it has no blood so it’s alright.

Is Blood In Games Necessary

To me, many games wouldn’t exist, or at least I wouldn’t pay them any attention, if they didn’t have blood in it.

If games are about expressing power and conquering enemies – then how such a game can have zero blood in it?

IMO games with killing, should emphasize and exaggerate each fight and death moment, as this is their main feature.

So, bloody screen shake upon killing or taking damage, a lot of blood, dismemberment of body parts, some hardcore music – would all be great fits to competitive games.

Such games are kind of sending signals to the primal animal inside you whenever you kill your enemy or strive to be best player on server, so why not as well make them brutal?

As if brutal games were making players super violent in real life… Millions played GTA, and they didn’t start killing people outside. Not even 0.1% of them.

Top Games With Fighting, Blood & Gore

God Of War

Ugly, gross, and hot. There are many games that just put ton of blood in it, and it’s supposed to be main feature of the game, so when you kill your enemy, ton of blood sprays you and your surroundings, but apart from that there’s not much to do.

God of War is different. Here, regardless all the sick bloody gore moments and slicing enemy or pulling his head out – it still remained somewhat interesting, focused, and complete.

So what you do in game? Wandering around map, conquering new locations, and revisiting old ones. Everything to unlock new items, equipment and abilities.

Bioshock Infinite

If you like violent games where racism is main feature and since start you have OP weapon that just kills anyone and anything then Bioshock Infinite is for you.

As for racism, one of such moments is when interracial couple is tied to the pole and you’re asked to throw baseball at them by dear policeman.

Of course, with such powerful weapon that spins insides of their heads and basically kills for one hit you don’t need to choose in-game actions carefully.

Whether you decide to attack the bad policeman or join the racism club it’s all fine and dandy.

Mortal Kombat

That very moment when you blast your enemy with your fire spell. In most games, there would be some fancy shining fire effect and his health-bar would decrease and turn to red.

In Mortal Kombat you instead see burnt out hole in their bodies and their heart falls down and starts dangling just because why not.

Mortal Kombat is brand of long history and memories. Even though I’m not fan of this game and it’s genre, I really enjoyed PlayStation 2 moments with friends.

If I enjoyed, then why I dislike it? Too linear.

Resident Evil

No clingy girls please, I need my space.

Resident Evil just like Mortal Kombat and other games with 10+ versions, doesn’t change much with each release.

Although many games go for third person view, Resident Evil uses first person view instead, which is a smart thing to do, because how otherwise can we feel scarred if everything is so far away like in third person?

What Resident Evil is about? It’s all about zombies. Killing them over and over and trying to reach the end of the game.

Should You Code Your Own Bloody, Brutal Game?

That depends if you have a lot of damn interesting features and ideas in mind.

If you just want to make brutal or horror game then that sounds pretty boring.

How can sad or creepy looking game with ton of blood and nothing more interest anyone? These are not key features of game. These are supporting features.

If you plan using brutality as an addition to already very good game, then that’s good idea.


Is Resident Evil or any of these games actually scary? I’d say the only scary games are not necessarily horrors but games where you’re scared of dying.

In most games if you die you just couldn’t care less and without bigger regrets you start over. You don’t feel any tension because game lacks risks like permanent character deletion or losing super rare item that took u weeks to obtain.

Tension from losing a lot of valuable items and in-game currency is what’s scary. Not a game that’s supposed to be horror but it just gives a feel of a game with dark colors, evil game models and textures and some blood.

The reason why absolute 99% of horror games are not scary regardless of what visuals you put there, and how brutal ways of murdering and torturing it will have is that players are not scared of dying.

Why and when players don’t care about dying in supposedly good game?

Most likely because you threw horror visuals and deaths at them before actually making them start loving the game and feeling emotionally and timely invested in it.


Blender As Game Engine: How To Make Blender Game & Why It’s A Sin

There’s a reason why people don’t use Blender as game engine.

There are also reasons why people prefer cycling on 2-wheeled bike instead of single-wheeled odd thing.

And both cases are quite similar.

Can You Actually Use Blender As Game Engine?

Blender is an 3D modelling tool mainly used to create visuals and animations for games and movies, however, for some reason it has a game engine built in it.

Just like some websites devoted to phones for some reason occasionally write about computer-exclusive games.

The answer is yes, you can create games in Blender.

But should you?

Top Reasons To Not Use Blender As Game Engine

Why You Shouldn’t Commit Counter-Productive Sins

First of all there’s not many people who use Blender in this way and the support you would eventually get in other engine is nonexistent here. If you encounter an issue, no amount of crying for help will actually help.

Secondly, it lacks many features. It’s as basic as it can. You will constantly face limited functionality and when it will happen you will have to code additional features yourself. (That is, if Blender lets you.)

Thirdly, and maybe even most importantly, there was not a single successful game made in Blender. So you may want to rethink it.

And, there’s one more reason to not do that. Blender engine is experimental and many features will fundamentally change, which means you won’t be able to use newer versions of this engine with your game made few versions ago.

Best Game Engine Alternatives

It is not hard to find better alternative from Blender. Most game engines will do.

However, let’s take a step further, and actually choose one of best game engines.

There are 2 sensible choices loved by both players (indirectly) and developers.

Unity is an 2D, 3D game engine focused on no-budget indie game developers but also capable of developing successful, full-fledged AAA products on budget.

Unity let’s you code in C# and provides you easy workflow and huge but simple to remember API.

The other choice is Unreal Engine, which is 3D focused game engine that let’s you create games without coding at all (via visual scripting – blueprints) or with coding in C++.

I prefer Unity, but both engines are of insane quality (and both are free).

How To Make An Actual Game In Blender

Follow Blender Documentation

Blender documentation is very well-written and relatively easy to understand.

If you want to be programmer or game designer then you should learn how to read and follow documentation documents.

Watch Blender Video Tutorials

There are few, channels with Blender game engine tips and tutorials, but they are of questionable quality and date.

There’s channel that worked fine for me though and it’s SuperGloop:

His channel has a lot of movies regarding creating games in Blender and each video resembles one part. Go through them and you will be all fly in no time.


Best Indie Games On Steam – Most Popular Free Titles Of All Time

We more than share your frustration regarding full-fledged AAA 3D cash-grab games coming from companies such as EA and many more.

Not only their greediness matters, but also that most games made on budget look very similar to other games in it’s genre. Played World of Warcraft? Then you already played 95% of MMORPGs.

It was only a matter of time till players got fed up with current market situation and started checking out indie games.

What’s The Difference Between Full-Fledged Productions And Indie Games?

The main difference between these is that indie games have more unique ideas, and often they are much more interesting than games made on budget!

However, they often also have much simpler graphics and sometimes not of good quality.

Another issue with indie games is that they have often very small scope, map, gameplay, and limited functionality. That may not be an issue depending on the game, because smaller but more interesting world, may be better than huge but boring alternative.

List Of Best Free Indie Games On Steam Of All Time


RimWorld is game of very unique concept – a Sci-FI colony simulator with events triggered by random and intelligent AI.

You have bunch of “slaves” and you control them to further develop your colony and base.

Game sold over 1 million times and of all Steam reviews, 95% are positive.

Seems game graphics isn’t that important when it comes to entertainment!

Stardew Valley

Ah! Stardew Valley is peaceful farming simulator with 2D platform-view graphics.

Especially interesting (but not only) for people passionate about farm, or for people who find the idea of farming lifestyle interesting, but don’t want to face struggles of it in real life. That’s where Stardew Valley comes in.

Not interested in farming? Well, farming it’s just the frontend. Behind this concept, Stardew Valley is an economical business world. Live off land, raise animals and collect food, then sell it for maximum profit possible.

To make it even weirder, this farming simulator has RPG traits of typical level-up combat based games, such as hunting monsters (sometimes dangerous), exploring caves and finding treasures.


Factorio is a game for nerds. All my IT friends heard about it, and some got seriously addicted and should seek some kind of rehab.

That being said, it doesn’t mean its unpopular. This construction and management simulation has an overwhelming number of 98% of all Steam reviews marked as positive.

So what you do in this game? As you could guess from it’s name – you build a factory.

And that’s all?

Well no, as you keep on developing your factory, monsters will like you less and less, and they will attack. It’s like tower defense game, but not limited at all.

And when I say not limited at all, I don’t mean there’s more things to do than in average game, I mean that this game is literally limitless.

If it interests you, then you can actually see that people over at YouTube made an actual 3D game in Factorio. For real!


All these games were made on little to no budget by one or few people.

If you are a player, then you already know which game should you try.

If you are game developer, then you can clearly see that all these games have very similar graphics style.

And they all have interesting, unique gameplays! Not just a copy of other game (like AAA companies tend to do).

If you are developing a game, and considered 2D graphics over 3D, then maybe you should inherit or borrow from their style? It looks simple, but good.


What Does MOBA Stand For – Games Definition & Best MOBAs

For someone not so friendly with gaming, term MOBA makes zero sense even when mentioned with other clues in sentence.

That’s because there aren’t many MOBAs around which makes its already complex, related in-game terms appear even more foreign.

Definition Of MOBA In Games

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, and it’s most cases, refers to very addictive and even manipulative desktop games for hardcore gamers.

MOBA is one of most competetive genres of multiplayer games. If it was here earlier, as it’s relatively new, probably would be most competetive (right now surpassed by FPS games like Counter Strike and RTS like Starcraft, however that’s debatable).

Why MOBAs Are This Manipulative?

This is good question. Why movies, ads, and games are manipulative?

Of course that’s so you buy their product or spend even more money on it on other, related products of given company.

Better structured question would be, “what makes MOBAs this manipulative”.

Okay, so first of all, MOBAs are very new. When I started playing my first MOBA, there were only 2 such games that were at least a little bit popular.

What this does to brain of a player, is that he can get sucked into the world of games once again. Not like in case of MMORPGs, where a played bored of World of Warcraft is frustrated as hell because every other MMORPG looks and is exactly the same! Or in case of GTA3 player bored of every new version of this giant.

That didn’t happen (and mostly still doesn’t happen) with MOBAs. As everything about this genre is relatively very new, and there weren’t many of such games made.

Why not? They are harder to code than classical MMORPGs (which are very hard and complex games, hard to create even for huge companies filled with game designers, by the way), but I believe it’s also because of competition.

However, there are many more reasons why MOBAs are more addictive than majority of games.

Best MOBA Games

League Of Legends

League of Legends was in beta when I started playing it.

It was something new, and although I didn’t like it at first, I for some reason kept playing, till the game eventually started making sense to me and I became a killing machine.

What makes this game addictive is the fact that you develop your character. When you get upgrades in game, your brain feels rewarded and you get better feeling than when you score in football game outside.

This happens whenever you level up, or compare yourself to all other 9 players all it seems that you are the highest level or have most money and best items.

Or when you kill someone, and especially when you kill two!

Then there’s an voice message along with big text as big as 100 pixels or more, that says “Mike Scored Double Kill!”. You literally have that impressed and excited voice screaming to all the players in game that someone scored a double kill.

Why did the game creators made the voice sound very impressed? Of course, to increase your self esteem, and make your brain connect this high feeling of achievement with this particular game.

Later this was copied by many other games.


DOTA 2 is mainly filled with DOTA 1 veteran players.

Although DOTA 1 was before League of Legends, seems except some veterans, most players prefer to play LoL instead of Dota.

Why is that? Honestly I don’t know, because I didn’t play DOTA, but from videos it seems more boring than LoL.


There are few MOBA games, but only two or four are popular. Except LoL and DOTA 2, the other most popular titles are Heroes of Newerth and Smite.

If you want to play such game, then from perspective of player, I would say yes! As long as it entertains you.

From a perspective of person, however, I would say no. They are too addictive and that’s how I and many others wasted many years.

If you want to code MOBA game, then that will be hard task, but nothing is impossible! Just know that your game has to be unique, because all current MOBAs are very similar to each other.


What Is RNG In Games And How Does It Work

Most people don’t realize, but when you’re killing trolls and orcs in Rookgaard or anything really in any game, then that very moment affects our brains same way casinos do.

What? But man, casinos are addicting!

You don’t say!

RNG starts from the very moment of first hit we take (or give).

So basically:

  • How much HP do we or enemies lose every attack?
  • Do we or enemies miss a lot?
  • Do we get good drop, no drop, bad drop, or insane drop (also known as loot).

It’s all RNG.

So What Is RNG Exactly?

Some people complicate stuff unnecessarily. But it’s actually very simple.

After you killed a monster, in most role playing games at that very moment a random number is generated. Sometimes it’s as simple as random number from 1 to 10.

Then an IF statement follows:

  • If random number is 1, then loot will have wooden sword.
  • If random number is 5, then loot will have wooden shield, sword, and ton of gold coins.
  • If it’s 0, then loot is empty.

Makes sense now, right?

How Is RNG In Games Related To Casinos

As we keep killing these orcs, we realize sometimes it drops lot of gold coins and sometimes not. And sometimes they can even drop chain armor! Or so we heard.

And then we spend hours killing these orcs mindlessly over and over, hoping to either finally collect sum of gold coins big enough, or to loot this legendary rare item chain armor.

The “feel good” moment after we achieve something in this case is randomized. If it’s randomized, then you don’t know how many times will you need to kill such monster till you finally get the item you wanted.

Therefore you will keep doing it over and over till you satisfy your brain.

In other game, I’ve encountered more extreme version of RNG – crafting. Ingredients required to craft anything sensible would cost a lot of in-game money, or be extra rare, or cost real life money.

And when it comes to crafting, you’re encountering such random wheel:

Half of these options would destroy all the ingredients without crafting the item. Another 30% would craft weak item. There’ was only 20% chance to actually craft at least a little bit good weapon.

How To Use RNG To Your Advantage

You can imagine, after collecting ingredients for days, then failing the crafting and losing all ingredients, then repeating whole process for few more times could absolutely frustrate you and make your face red.

But that actually didn’t matter.

What mattered to game developers was to make the ingredients mainly obtainable through real life cash, due to their insane in-game rarity from quests and looting monsters.

If you think about it, it’s a bit different. Paying 10 USD for stone of enchantment for crafting 4 times because the crafting would always fail, is perceived by player totally differently from buying it once for 40 USD.

If stone costed 40 USD and worked 100% of the times, then people would get fed up with such insane prices and this cash grab game.

But if you make it seem like they just were unlucky, and lower the price, so they buy it again and again (so it results in 40 USD total or more), then players will think it’s their fault or that it was indeed random and there’s no one to blame.

They won’t see that they are being manipulated and will continu playing the game.

Smart RNG is one of many ways game developers can monetize their game.

In fact, some games even give you insanely high RNG when crafting bad and basic items, but when you use costly ingredients to get better item, they lower the RNG as much as they can. In this case you would for sure try many times more, because due to your previous experiences you’re confident in your 80% success rate (even though with good ingredients it could be only 5%).

This is insane.